Therapies Available at the Lewes Subud Centre

Therapies Available at the Lewes Subud Centre

The Acupuncture Works

Acupuncture, Massage, Counselling, Chinese Dietetics, Tai Chi and Qigong

Esaias Hobbs


Esaias has been in practice for 18 years as a Chinese medical clinician, offering acupuncture and Chinese massage as his core modes of treatment. Following his graduation from The College of Integrated Chinese Medicine and Westminster University, Esaias became a member of the British Acupuncture Council. He attends continuing professional development courses twice yearly and studies classical Chinese medicine all year round. At The Acupuncture Works, Esaias will decipher the root of your concerns by taking your detailed case history and compiling a detailed, evolving treatment plan to include, where relevant, acupuncture & / or massage, diet, lifestyle, exercise, mindfulness and stretching. Esaias also teaches Tai Chi classes in Lewes.

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m: 07746 928308

Suzanne Page

Person-Centred Counselling

I am a BACP accredited Person-Centred Counsellor. I can provide short or long term therapy.

I believe we are all experts of our own experiences and that we know deep inside what is best for us, therefore, rather than telling clients what I think they should do, I encourage clients to access their resources for self-understanding so that they can review their outlooks and behaviours and make decisions to improve their lives. I support individuals by being warm and genuine and by listening in order to gain an understanding of their shared experiences. I believe that I can support individuals to get back on track towards achieving their potential by being open-minded, compassionate, non-judgemental and by valuing my clients as individuals.

I have experience of counselling young people and adults with a range of problems including: anxiety, depression, family issues, low self-esteem and gambling.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or would like to arrange sessions.

m: 07342622555

Jo Baker

Psychotherapeutic Counsellor

I am an experienced UPCA accredited psychotherapeutic counsellor, specialising in individual therapy for women. I am able to provide both short and long term therapy, whichever best suits you.

I am happy to talk about whatever matters to you. Coming to therapy can be a big leap; talking to a stranger about private, sometimes very vulnerable matters can be incredibly daunting. I hope to provide a warm, accepting place for you to unpack and unpick whatever it is that you need to.

I have experience in working with a wide variety of experiences and issues, including depression, anxiety, post-traumatic stress, physical, emotional and sexual abuse, pre and post natal experiences.

I work integratively, which means that I draw on various theories and models and am able to tailor my approach to suit my client. If you’d like more information, please feel free to contact me on the details below or you might find some of the information on my website (also below).

m: 07379 886849